About us

Who am I?

I am the medium channelling your voice and your choices. I am a Website that gives the possibility to all people to speak up, to vote on different social questions and to present their own ideas in a positive, objective and non-judgemental environment, for free. I am simple to use, amusing and inspiring.

Why am I here?

  • To give people a way to be part of decision making on issues they care about
  • To trigger an influential action that will contribute to the well-being of communities around the world
  • To let people speak up and vote on a number of issues in a totally objective setting
  • To help users broaden up their horizon and encourage awareness
  • To collect measurable results to provide a shared overall view and social consensus
  • To promote citizen participation

How do I work?

By signing on for free with COCORIKO™, you will be able to:

  • Convey your choices by voting on questions of social interest
  • Explain your position, if you so wish, by posting a comment, a video, etc.
  • Present ideas and see the point of views of other people
  • Check vote results by country, region, city, etc., as well as detailed statistics.
  • Vote and propose in an anonymous way or choose to reveal your identity
  • Take part of decision making in an objective environment that supports commitment to democracy

Why have I been created?

COCORIKO™ is for you if you believe:

  • In creating a world to your image
  • In the potential of social medias to promote citizen participation
  • In the right to express oneself in an objective and positive environment
  • In the importance of sharing opinions and ideas

COCORIKO™ is there for all the people on Earth, without distinction of any kind! Questions broached may be local, regional, national of global.

Who created me?

COCORIKO™ is the creation of a team of professionals who are passionate about this project. Their objective is to provide an innovative and refreshing solution that allows them to realize their vision and that will produce enduring results.

Our vision

People come together in an informed global community where mutual respect is the norm, where all voices are heard and where all share a common goal: creating a better world.