How does it work?

Here is a glimpse of Cocoriko’ s main features

What is a proposal?

Proposals on Cocoriko are suggestions, ideas or practices related to a social issue. All proposals are submitted by members of this community and are presented as affirmative statements rather than questions.

If you wish to browse through all the proposals available on Cocoriko, visit the Explore section and refine your search.

Express yourself on the proposals

Take position on a proposal by clicking on one of the four vote choices presented. Add a comment to support your position and explain your arguments. Add the proposals that interest you most to your favorites and follow their activities on your home page.

Analyze voting tendencies and comments

Vote on proposals of your choice to access the summary statistics, and more specifically, the detailed report which shows statistics by region, gender, age, as well as an overview of the comments in favor of or against the proposal.

Submit your own ideas

You have an idea to suggest? Submit your own proposals and get advice and comments from members of the Cocoriko community. One proposal at the time, you will contribute at creating a society to our image!

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Follow issues that you care about

Follow members of the community and issues that you care about to see their latest activities on your home page. You can follow a user and all his/her proposals or add a single proposal that you really care about in your favorites.

You don’t know who to follow? Start by following Cocoriko’s top contributors!

Use Cocoriko in private groups

You want to support a cause, the implementation of a project, a policy or a plan with a target group? Use Cocoriko’s private groups feature with your association or business to engage your members and employees in the decision-making process.

Contact us to create a private group or a corporate network.